British tourist stresses passengers at Zakynthos airport: 'Sorry, your flight's been delayed by six hours'

British tourist pranker Zakynthos airport

A British tourist pulled off a prank that left passengers at Zakynthos Airport stressed as he made a false flight delay announcements over the airport loudspeaker.

The prankster jumped on the microphone at Zakynthos Airport last Friday and incorrectly informed passengers that their flights had been pushed back by up to six hours, the Daily Mail reported.

Sam Wilson, 22, decided to film the man's antics after hearing the strange announcements while waiting on his flight to Birmingham.

The video shows the man standing behind the unattended desk at one of the airport's boarding gates, wearing a Paris-Saint Germain tracksuit top and sunglasses on his head.

After leaning into the microphone, he announces to fellow passengers that the flight to Gatwick, which he intended to board, has been delayed.

He follows it up with more false flight information, adding: 'Unfortunately, the flight to Manchester has been delayed by six hours.'

This announcement raised some confusion, as there was no flight from the Greek airport to Manchester scheduled on the day.

Shortly afterwards, an airport security guard can be seen storming over to the desk to confront the man.

A police officer - equipped with a gun that at one moment he seemingly unclips - quickly backs up the guard before escorting the cheeky passenger away from the gate.

Sam, a sales manager, claims that the man was not allowed to board his flight home.

Speaking today, Sam from Burntwood, Staffordshire, said: 'I was flying to Birmingham but they were flying to Gatwick.

'We were waiting for the gates to open when we just heard a few strange announcements. When I looked up I just saw him on the microphone, so I had to get my phone out.

'He made around three or four announcements about flights being delayed a number of hours. The ones I captured was Gatwick for six hours and seeing people's reactions was hilarious as half the airport couldn't even see him.

'Although, he most likely got caught due to the last announcement which was 'the flight to Manchester has been delayed by six hours' when there wasn't even a flight to Manchester.

'His friends were extremely worried about him and they just took him away and didn't know what to do or whether to leave him.

'After the TikTok was made I did find out he was released after the airport threatened to hold him in the airport and confiscate his passport for three days but after a while of him just sitting in and empty room, they just told him to go.'

Sam posted the video to TikTok on Saturday writing: 'This guy was not allowed on the plane back from Zante after this.'

The video has now collected over 72,000 views with hundreds of likes from social media users who were left in stitches by the man's airport antics.

One said: 'Made me chuckle.'

Another wrote: 'Only a laugh. Hardly harmed anyone.'

A third commented: 'I was also there. It was quite funny. Wonder what happened to him'

A fourth said: 'From someone who lived in Zante, you don't mess with the Zakynthians.'

Zakynthos is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea and a well-known summer resort popular with holidaying Brits.

Since the mid 1980s, the island has become a hub for 18-to-30-year-old tourists, leading to the formerly sleepy villages of Alykanas and Laganas becoming central destinations for clubs, bars and restaurants.

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