Ecumenical Patriarch gifted Trabzonspor jerseys by Greek footballer – Gray Wolves leader Bahceli reacts in anger (photos)

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The leader of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has shown his extreme paranoia after two Greek footballers playing for Trabzonspor gifted their jerseys to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Manolis Siopis and Tasos Bakasetas met with the Ecumenical Patriarch and presented him with their jerseys, and took pictures. The latter posted the relevant snapshot on social media.

The meeting of the international footballers with the Ecumenical Patriarch provoked the strong reaction of the government partner of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Devlet Bahçeli.

He released an official statement commenting on all the foreign policy issues of Turkey while attacking the Ecumenical Patriarch arguing that “there is no ecumenical institution in Turkey”!

“The provocations that have been made one after the other in the last few days and the sabotage aimed at the spirit of our national unity and solidarity will not be able to divert us from our path,” the MHP president said.

“One of these provocations was the Trabzonspor jersey, with ecumenical inscriptions, to the Greek Patriarch of the Phanar, Bartholomew, who came to Trabzon for the ninth time to perform a ritual at the Sumela Monastery,” Bahçelii added.

“Beyond scandalous, this is a provocation of the highest order of inciting destruction and harassment. It is obvious that this disgrace, which is an insult to our esteemed citizens who love our Trabzonspor and this club, will not be accepted by any conscience,” he added.

“There is no ecumenical institution and job description in Turkey”, he argued and explained his position by claiming that in the Treaty of Lausanne the Greek Patriarch in Fanar will not be involved in political and administrative affairs and will not have any other capacity except that of religious official in the province of Fanario, providing spiritual service to the Greek Orthodox citizens of Turkey.”

“The irritation of Turkey’s national and moral sensibilities by entrapment on all sides reveals the inside of a plot that is advancing step by step. The aim is to cause chaos, to create an environment of crisis”, said the government partner of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

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