Expose: British Tabloid Goes Undercover in Notorious Mykonos Beach Bar

DK oyster bar restaurant Mykonos American tourist

British Tabloid Daily Mail went undercover to report from the notorious Mykonos Beach Bar DK oyster where foreigners have been ripped off repeatedly.

Their investigation discovered an infamous practice that most of the world had thought was eliminated "One Menu for the Foreigners and one menu for Greeks."

DailyMail.com uncovered evidence that only foreign tourists were being charged outrageous prices at the fashionable Greek holiday island bar. 

A local shop worker who ordered in Greek was told that he could have six oysters for just €30 - roughly $30 and at $5 per oyster, it's nearly a quarter of the $18 per oyster foreign holidaymakers have had to pay.  

He was then charged $50 for one cocktail 'the size of a football' by waiters who told him he was lucky he wasn't a tourist because it would've cost 'three times the price - and one of the bar staff laughed loud'.  

DK Oyster became notorious in May 2019 when it charged a group of American tourists more than $800 for six plates of calamari, six beers, three chicken Caesar salad starters, two bottles of water and a glass of tomato juice.

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