Turkey pushed migrants into Greece, minister says


A day after police said they found 38 migrants who had been reported stranded on an islet in the Evros River on the Greek-Turkish border, Greece on Tuesday accused Turkey of pushing the migrants into Greek territory.

During a visit to Evros on Tuesday, Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis said the group of 38 migrants – 35 Syrians and three Palestinians – arrived on the Turkish side of the river before they were forcefully pushed onto the islet by the Turkish authorities.

“Under the threat of violence, they forced them to move toward Greece,” he said.

Mitarakis said that, on the basis of the migrants’ testimonies, a 5-year-old child died on Turkish territory, adding that the government will work with Red Cross and Red Crescent officials so that the family can recover the body and hold a dignified funeral.