Mykonos: Two Italians arrested for stealing €8,000 at beach bar!

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Two Italians had recently become the fear and terror of the beach bars of Mykonos as they stole respectable sums of money, passports, valuables and accessories from unsuspecting tourists.

Their latest attack took place on Sunday with the victim of a butcher's shop owner from Thessaloniki who is on vacation in Mykonos.

The man visited the well-known Tropicana beach bar to have fun with his friends. However, he inadvertently became the target of two Italians who robbed the beach bars.

Specifically, the butcher was at Tropicana at noon to take a swim and around 3:00 pm he left his sunbed to have lunch at the restaurant. It is noted that he also left his bag on the deckchair, which contained €8,000, along with his passport.

The two Italians wasted no time grabbing the bag, went to the parking lot, got on their motorcycle and disappeared in an unknown direction.

The victim immediately reported the theft of the bag to the security of the beach bar, who accessed the closed circuit cameras and through the video footage of the cameras they managed to locate the two thieves, as one of the two had the butcher's bag on his back.

Then the security of the Pentagon company sent the material to the police. The result was to identify the two riders, to locate their place of residence and to arrest them following an organised operation

They were noticed because one of the two was wearing the butcher's bag on his back. The beach bar's security guards then sent the video footage to the police and thus managed to identify the two riders from the scooter's license plates.

They found where they were staying and arrested them after an organised operation.

See photos secured by Proto Thema:

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