Nicoletta's sister on Pakistani murderer: "She wanted to break up with him, I saw him with my own eyes hit her"

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On August 1, in the western Athens neighbourhood apartment of 17-year-old Nicoletta, the tragic epilogue was written for the unfortunate girl, who was killed by the man she had been in a relationship with for the past few months - a 22 year old from Pakistan. He killed her by suffocation, with the unfortunate girl fighting for at least five minutes to save her life.

In this context, the newspaper Patris reveals the testimonies that show the torture the girl suffered through in the hands of her killer - "Sunny", as he was called - at least five months before the crime. Her older sister is the one who described the situation to the police.

"I had seen him with my own eyes many times beating her. In conversations I had with Nicoletta, she told me that lately she is not having a good time with him and that he was hitting her for no reason," she said.

"She wanted to break up with him, but she was afraid of his reaction. My sister also didn't like that Sunny smoked weed and generally had a lot of anger.

The sister said that the Pakistani murderer, although lived in a different house with his brother in Peristeri, often stayed at their house during the evenings when Nicoletta was not working. He even kept some of his clothes there.

She told the police about the fateful day: "Last night was the last time I spoke to Nicoletta, because I didn't go home and stayed at my friend's house. In the afternoon, around five o'clock, I tried to contact her on the phone.

"I called but she didn't pick up. I kept trying until about eleven at night. At eight o'clock my mom called me because she was worried that my sister didn't go to work and even sent some people from work to go see why she wasn't answering.

"Around eleven at night I went with my friend to our house to see what was going on."

A few minutes later, the tragic murder was revealed.

According to the testimony of Nicoletta's older sister, the victim met the perpetrator through a mutual friend. "Sunny didn't like that my sister for the past five months had been going and helping our mother with her work, and that's when the problems in their relationship started."

The police officers from the first moment they entered the house understood that the killer was an acquaintance of the girl. They found no traces of forced entry and the girl's cell phone was also missing.

When they called his brother to testify, he told them about the actions of the perpetrator immediately after the crime: "Sunny is not a good boy, he does not go to work, he drinks beers and cigarettes and does not send money to our family in Pakistan. That's why I didn't want to talk to him everyday..."

"The day before yesterday, Monday, I went to work in the morning. At about 17:30 in the afternoon I returned home. As soon as I entered the house, Sunny called me.

"He was outside the house and called my name. He was wearing a brown top and I think a pair of pants. He had a bag on his back and a suitcase with wheels in his hand.

"Sunny asked me to give him 100 euros because he wanted to leave to go to a village in Thessaloniki because he found a job there. He did not tell me which village he was going to, nor did I ask him.

"I asked him where Nicoletta was and he told me that she would go with him. I told him that I don't have 100 euros, he asked me for 50 and I told him again that I don't have any.

"In the end I didn't give him anything. He left and I went inside the house.

"We didn't talk much because as I told you I don't want to have much relations with Sunny. I haven't seen him since. I learned from my friend Ali that my brother followed me to his house. Yesterday at noon I learned that Nicoletta died.

"Last night my dad called me from Pakistan and told me that Sunny did this thing to the girl. I don't know how my dad learned that. I know that he had been to Thessaloniki before and once with Nicoletta.

"I think he has some friends there, but I can't tell you their names or where they live. I don't know if they argued with Nicoletta. Her sister had told me at one point that they were arguing."

The brother of the perpetrator informed the authorities that the killer came to Greece in 2017, while he himself had met the unfortunate girl: “She was a nice girl and she loved Sunny. And Sunny loved her. He wanted to bring the girl to live at home."

"About eight months ago they had stayed in this house with us for about a week. Since it was not right for the girl to stay in the house where men live I told Sunny to leave the house. So they went to live in a house with Nicoletta's mom and her sister."

One of the killer's friends, the man who saw him at the Larissa station before he left by train testified to the authorities a few hours after the crime: "Yesterday at noon around 15:00, Sunny called me and asked me to take him by motorbike to the Larissa station so he could get tickets to leave for Thessaloniki."

"I told him that it's too sunny and I won't go out yet, I told him that I'm going to take my motorbike to a workshop in Nikaia to fix it and I could not take him.

"Then he told me about 15 minutes before I finished to call him to come to my house to pick him up with my motorcycle and take him to the Larissa station to leave. At about 17:05 Sunny called me again to pick him up.

"I, being in the workshop, told him I couldn't.

"At 18:10 he called me again and told me that he had left a suitcase and a bag of clothes at my house in the yard and that he wanted me to put the clothes from the suitcase into the bag and pick him up and take him to give to the station because he had gone there and in 10 minutes the train would leave.

"I don't know how Sunny got to the station. I did what he told me. I took the bag and took it by motorbike to Larissa station.

"I went to the station with another person who lives in the same house. I asked him why he wanted to leave for Thessaloniki and Sunny told me that his father suggested he go to Italy to work because things are better there and he could find a better job than here in Greece.

"In Italy he told me he was walking across the border. I was not curious since Sunny had told me earlier that he was thinking of going to Italy.

"Many people from Pakistan have left for Italy in the past as well. I didn't ask him more or if anything had happened. Nor what would he do with his girlfriend he had here in Greece.

"We were not on good enough terms for me to have the courage to ask him such a thing. I gave him the bag and left. Sunny was alone at the station."

The 22-year-old had, as it turned out after the crime, an escape plan. He managed to reach Thessaloniki and from there to Skopje where he ended up, before being caught by North Macedonian authorities and returned to Greece for prosecution.

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