Fire on the Italian island of Pantelleria, Giorgio Armani and Marco Tardelli evacuated from their villas

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A fire broke out late yesterday afternoon on the small island of Pantelleria (south of Sicily), an emergency order was given for the removal of residents from their homes and tourists from hotels.

According to local media, the fire broke out in multiple areas, which leads to suspicions that the fire was the result of arson.

Many homes were ordered to evacuate as the fire fronts approached dangerously close. Among others, celebrities such as the fashion designer were removed from their villas Giorgio Armani and former soccer player Marco Tardelli.

The Italian Civil Protection decided to send media and qualified personnel to Pantelleria from Mazara Del Valo (Sicily).

Europe has already endured a record amount of fire damage in 2022, as the continent has baked in extreme – and in some cases, unprecedented – high temperatures, Guardian analysis shows.

In July, fires hit several countries across Europe. While Londoners were shocked when in last week’s heatwave, firefighters in Portugal, Spain, France and Greece were all battling .