Julia Alexandratou: "The doctor said that the baby is very beautiful"

Julia Alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou returned to Instagram with a new video about her pregnancy after saying that she will be making updates via her OnlyFans.

The model shot the seconds-long clip during a visit to her gynaecologist, showing both herself and the fetus on the ultrasound doctor's screen.

After uploading it via Instagram stories, she wrote: “Pregnancy update. Ruin. The doctor said the baby is very beautiful. Where did he now see the beauty in there..."

Watch the video:

It is recalled that a few days ago, Julia Alexandratou had declared that she would share the news of her pregnancy through the account she has on the subscription platform OnlyFans.

More specifically, one of her followers on Instagram asked her how her pregnancy is going and she replied: "Are you stupid? Of course my entire pregnancy will be on Only Fans. I don't show it for free."

See the story she uploaded:

Julia Alexandratou

“This is my third pregnancy”

The announcement of the pregnancy of Julia Alexandratos had created many questions with many considering it as just a prank.

However, the model revealed that in the past she had two other pregnancies, stressing that the world does not know many things from her life.

“By the way, this is my third pregnancy. I have talked about my two other pregnancies in the past. You know nothing about my life. And this is how I want it to be. Please mind your own life and business. Thank you,” she wrote.

Julia Alexandratou

Although in recent years, the model has moved away from the public eye, she remains very active on social media and makes sure to share the news of her daily life with her online followers.

The announcement of her pregnancy was made through a story she shared on Instagram, where lying in bed and with her hand caressing her belly she wrote: “Baby loading”, implying that she is expecting her first child.

Julia Alexandratou

A few days ago, the model had returned with a post on social media and was lashing out at those who write her comments, without respecting her pregnancy and the baby she is expecting.

“You will get nothing from the cholera you are giving out. Go to a doctor to clear your soul. Animals. Rubbish” she wrote in an Instagram story.

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