Sözcü reacts to the hoped construction of a bridge that will connect Kalymnos with Leros

sozcu leros kalymnos

Disinformation continues from the Turkish newspaper Sözcü, which "sees" the construction of a bridge that will join the "disputed" - as it describes them - islands of Kalymnos and Leros.

Under the title "Greece will build a bridge between disputed islands in the Aegean", the newspaper refers to an old ambitious plan, which seems to have "wrecked" and is certainly not in its implementation phase, as it wants to present to its readers, creating impressions.

The publication states that it is about the road connection between Kalymnos and neighbouring Leros, through islets "which should not be inhabited according to the Treaty of Lausanne".

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It should be noted that this specific project, although it has been on the table for decades in the local communities of the two islands of the south-eastern Aegean, nevertheless there is no official planning by the Greek state.

The ambitious project calls for the construction of a complex of bridges that will connect the two islands and make them more attractive tourist destinations, with significant development benefits. The distance between the coasts of the two islands is not more than 2km.

In this context, it was proposed to build a road crossing through a complex of bridges that would connect the two islands, running parallel to the existing rock islands Megalo Glaronisi, Mikrὸ Glaronisi and Velona.

According to the calculations, the longest bridge will be 760 metres long, while the maximum depth of the proposed route is 60 metres.

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