Hospital worker received regular salary and allowance despite missing work for 4 years!

Patras hospital

The case of an employee at a hospital in Patras has caused a sensation as she received her salary and benefits for four whole years despite not even appearing work!

According to Peloponnisos newspaper, the issue was noticed in 2018 when the woman was not attending her work. During the pandemic, the leave she was entitled to ran out and she had to return to her service.

In her own way though, she covered her absence. Then, under the guise of the coronavirus, she was never at work. However, the money corresponding to her salary was normally paid into her bank account.

The complaint, which was made public in the "P" newspaper, states that the specific employee receives the disability allowance every month, along with her regular salary.

The same sources state that the reason for the sick leave is the vision problems she suffers from. The woman also managed to attend university during this period.

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