Mercedes-Benz Hellas is changing hands - who is the new owner?

Gerhard Schürmann

The change of ownership will allow Mercedes-Benz Hellas to continue under one business roof the business operations of Mercedes-Benz and smart Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles, Mercedes-Benz and Fuso Trucks, as well as Mercedes-Benz and Setra Buses in Greece, since the former Daimler AG group has been divided from December 2021 into two independent Groups (Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Daimler Truck Holding AG).

Mercedes-Benz Hellas, as the newest member of the Emil Frey Group, the largest vehicle distribution network in Europe for a number of years with over 620,000 sales in 2021, enters a new development trajectory in the Greek car market from the 1st quarter of 2023 and plans to further strengthen its competitive position at a time when the automotive industry is transforming, News Auto reported. To ensure a smooth transition to the new regime, the change of ownership will be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

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In addition, Mercedes-Benz's commitment to offering an excellent customer experience, which combined with the brand's top products and services, has distinguished Mercedes-Benz as one of the most valuable and admired brands in the Greek market, regardless of industry, remains intact. The brand's customers will continue to enjoy the same outstanding Mercedes-Benz sales and technical service at all existing locations as the company will be transferred including the existing Authorized Dealer, repairer contracts and all of its staff.

Mr. Ioannis Kalligeros, President and CEO of Mercedes - Benz Hellas stated: "We are extremely happy to become a strategic partner of Emil Frey AG and are committed to supporting and accelerating its continued development. Emil Frey AG is undoubtedly a leader in the automotive market and we are confident that Mercedes-Benz Hellas, as its newest member, will further strengthen its leadership position in the luxury segment in Greece and continue to set trends in rapidly changing field of motoring".

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Emil Frey Group. A family company with tradition: The Emil Frey Group AG was founded in Zurich in 1924 as a bicycle and motorcycle workshop.

The founder of Emil Frey with his professionalism quickly gained a top reputation, both as a technician with the prompt and correct service he offered, and as a competitor with his professionalism and the quality of his products.

Today it is a large Group of companies active in the Distribution and Retail Sales of cars, which holds a leading position in Europe representing luxury, Premium and more volume seller brands, including light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses of major car manufacturers.

At the same time, the Group is active in vehicle financing and leasing, corporate fleets, spare parts and logistics, parking management, in car rentals, car washes, classic cars, safe driving schools, motorsport and motorcycle sales.

In total, the Group actively operates in 680 locations, employing over 23,000 employees. Despite its multinational character, the Emil Frey Group remains a family business where the principles of its founder still drive its culture.

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