Mykonos: 'Paradise' Not Only For High Society But For Thieves Too

Italians Mykonos

Mykonos, famous for its exorbitant prices that can quickly empty the wallets of vacationers, can also be a hotspot for numerous criminals who flock there like bees to honey.

Two young Italians, now in custody, have been stealing wallets and valuables from tourists in the various beach bars across the Cycladic isle.

Their last victim was a businessman from Thessaloniki, who they robbed, after which the criminals spent all of his money on champagne -  of course the most expensive they could find.

The businessman had decided to leave his bag on his beach chair while he left to have a bite to eat at the beach club restaurant. While he as away the thieves stole the money out of the bag he had left behind.

After the theft the brazen thieves actively published on social networks how they entertained themselves while spending all the businessmen money.

The distraught business man contacted security guards at the venue who checked surveillance cameras, and were then easily able to identify the criminals as well as the license plates of a two-wheeled vehicle they rented. The culprits, two young men from Italy aged 24 and 25 years old, were quickly arrested at the hotel where they stayed.

Unfortunately for the businessman the police found only a part of the 8 thousand euros he had left in his bag - the enterprising Italians had managed to spend the remainder in the numerous bars of the island, reports

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