Nikos Oikonomopoulos will take legal action against the last minute cancellation of his Corfu concert

Nikos Oikonomopoulos

Nikos Oikonomopoulos is in Corfu as he had a concert scheduled for August 19 at the Old Fortress, however it will not take place.

The popular singer published a long text yesterday on his personal account on Instagram, in which, he is obviously annoyed.

The singer explained the reasons why his fans will not see him in Corfu.

Nikos Oikonomopoulos

More specifically, Nikos Economopoulos writes:

"My friends in Corfu and in the rest of Greece. I am contacting you from the beautiful city of Corfu and want to apologise for the cancellation of my concert scheduled for Friday 19 August 2022 at the Old Fortress of Corfu.

“Unfortunately, the Archeology of Corfu considered that our concert with the Philharmonic Society of Skriperos of Corfu was not compatible with the historicity of the site.

“Apparently, Archeology acts with very strange criteria about cultural quality, allowing concerts to be held at the site of the Old Fort. The rejection of our application was communicated to us only yesterday, August 17, 2022 and while everything was ready for the concert to take place.

“I never expected that the public of Corfu would be treated like this by Mrs. Archeology.

“Of course, Corfu friends informed us that we were not the only victims of the mentality of Archeology Corfu.

“I am really very sorry that I was not able to contact you. Along with you, I was wronged by the mentality of Archaeology.

“Of course, the matter will not stay like this. It will have the corresponding legal treatment.

“To the thousands of my friends who have already issued tickets, they will of course be immediately refunded, and I promise that I will be with them very soon."

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