The armored police vehicle that patrols the Greek-Turkish border

police evros

This is one of the eight vehicles that were confiscated in 2015 and were left at the Piraeus Customs, but has now been used by police to patrol the Greek-Turkish border at Evros.

These vehicles were spotted on 14/5/2015 south of Crete by the Coast Guard/Hellenic Coast Guard and the special forces of the Navy, in the hold of the cargo ship M/V "Tychy".

The ship had sailed from the port of "La Spezia" in Italy and was destined for the port of "Khalid" in Libya, via a port in Turkey.

During its journey to Libya the ship was found south of Crete and based on information about the ship's cargo, the Greek special forces carried out this surprise and successful operation.

The MRAP Typhoon GSS-300 vehicle is 6.5 metres long, 2.43 metres wide, 2.37 metres high and weighs 12.5 tons. It has a crew of two and can carry 8 equipped soldiers/police.

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