Alexandroupoli: Metropolitan Anthimos angered by Ambassador Tsunis' t-shirt

Alexandroupoli US Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis

For the first time, the American ambassador to Greece, George Tsounis, visited Alexandroupoli, meeting the American senator and President of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate, Robert Menendez.

Joining them in this unofficial visit was the military attaché of the US Embassy in Greece and the President of the Port Authority of the region, Kostas Hatzimichael.

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was informed about the implementation of the Hellenic-American Defense Agreement regarding the importance and of using the port of Alexandroupoli.

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What brought reactions was the appearance of the US ambassador, who wore Bermuda shorts, sandals and a purple T-shirt that read "Pride Beach". For his part, the American senator also had a summer outfit, but this consisted of trousers and a polo-type shirt.

In fact, the appearance of George Tsunis brought the wrath of the Metropolitan of Alexandroupolis, Anthimos who said in his statement: "The American Ambassador in Greece cannot appear informally and even in carefree summer clothing in Alexandroupolis".

Below this post there are comments that defend Tsunis, saying that "the essence of the visit is important and not the attire". Others argued that it would be better if he had a more proper appearance.

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