Is Azerbaijan about to recognise Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus Azerbaijan

The leader of the Turkish-speaking community of Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, made special statements to the Ulusal Kanal, expressing his belief that Azerbaijan is about to recognise Turkish-occupied Cyprus following his meeting with Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev.

Tatar stated that his visit to Azerbaijan may come to the fore and emphasised the "one nation and three states," between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.

Tatar also stated that Greece was dissatisfied with the meeting.

Speaking about the recognition process, in which Turkey is the only country to recognise occupied-Northern Cyprus in violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions, Tatar gave the message that "we will not go back to the federation system."

The meeting between Tatar and Aliyev brought up the recognition process again, with the former giving details of both the process and his meeting with Aliyev to Turkish media.

"Recognition may come in the coming days," he said.

Stating that his meeting with Aliyev was very sincere, Tatar drew attention to the fact that a political message was given to the world.

He stated that the relations between the two countries were discussed at the historical meeting.

Tatar was also asked about the mutual recognition of the Republic of Abkhazia and Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus.

Evaluating Turkey 's policy in the Eastern Mediterranean, Tatar pointed out that the two-state solution policy of the Turks, in violation of several UNSC resolutions, overlaps with this policy.

On the other hand, Tatar talked about the latest situation regarding the electricity problem in the occupied zones of Cyprus. He thanked the Turkish media outlet for its supposed sensitivity in national issues.

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