Billionaire Prada couple seen holidaying in idyllic Hydra

Prada Hydra

Miuccia Prada together with her husband Patrizio Bertelli were spotted a few days ago in Hydra.

The billionaires attracted attention during their walk through the alleys of the island. Dressed simply and wearing white T-shirts they enjoyed their afternoon.

The successful fashion designer and her husband, who is the co-CEO of the fashion empire, chose Greece for their summer vacation this year, which attracts a host of celebrities every year.

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Prada Hydra

Miuccia was born in Milan on May 10, 1949. Her mother, Luisa, was the daughter of company founder Mario Prada, and her father, Luigi Bianchi, was in the shipping business.

Mario's granddaughter was an ardent supporter of the feminist movement and was involved in politics from an early age, as a member of the Communist Party.

Patrizio Bertelli met Miuccia in 1977, the same year she and her siblings Alberto and Marina inherited the business.

The then 28-year-old Miuccia, who adored her grandfather's company from a young age, was willing to do everything to keep his legacy alive, making a bold entrance into the headquarters.

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Bertelli, who ran a luxury leather company, joined Prada a year later.

Miuccia Prada remains one of the most important fashion designers and visionaries in her industry and together with her husband, managed to establish her company as one of the most recognised global brands.

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