Xronia Polla Nikos Vertis, who turns 46 today

Happy Birthday Nikos Vertis, who turns 46 today

The Greek-Dutch singer was born in Gorinchem, the Netherlands in 1976, before moving to Thessaloniki with his family at the age of five. When he was fifteen, Nikos Vertis became involved with singing.

Xronia Polla Nikos Vertis, who turns 44 today

Xronia Polla to Nikos Vertis who turns 46 years old today!


At the age of sixteen, Nikos temporarily moved back to the Netherlands, attending a technical high school. Two years later, he returned to Greece for his military duties, and once completed, he pursued his love for singing. He started singing in small clubs in Thessaloniki and other areas around Macedonia.

It was in the summer of 2002 when Nikos started to build a name for himself, singing at the popular club “Rodon” until the summer of the following year. In 2003, the talented young singer with such an amazing voice signed with Universal Music Greece, and released his first album titled ‘Poli Apotoma Vradiazei’.

To date, Nikos has released five studio albums along with one CD single, and two special edition CD/DVD albums.

Some of his well-known and loved songs include “Thelo Na Me Niosis”, “Fige”, “An M’ Agapises”, “Pes To Mou Ksana”, “Asteri Mou”, “De Se Skeftesai”, “Erotevmenos”, “Ena Psema” and “An Eisai Ena Asteri”.

Last year, the talented performer also made history on YouTube, as his hit track “Θέλω να με νιώσεις” (Thelo Na Me Niosis) became the first Greek song to exceed 100 million views on Youtube! Currently, it has hit 182M views.

His lyrics and angelic voice have impacted Greeks all around the world, who continue to listen to all his songs. 

Nikos released Sa Agapao last year in July 2021 and the official music video has already reached almost 34 million views on YouTube. Watch it here:

His latest release in 2022 is Zise

Happy Birthday Nikos Vertis currently he is singing in Thessaloniki.

Nikos Vertis disturbed by police checks during his performance in Thessaloniki – Watch video