Boris Johnson rented a car to discover the beauties of Evia and impressed the locals (PHOTOS)

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, during his visit to Karysto, preferred to rent a car for personal use to explore the unique beauties of southern Evia. Always accompanied by his security personnel, who was discreetly and politely in the area, the British Prime Minister warmly greeted the employees of the rental company.

He received a brand new SUV from the well-known car rental company Joyride Car Rental, which has stores in Karystos and the Athens airport area. The owners also attended the place, who welcomed him and informed him about the wider area of ​​southern Evia, with printed maps of the area.

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From the beginning he showed a special interest in Evia, with an emphasis on natural beauty and quality of life. He visited the beaches of Potami, Giannitsi, the islands of Petalia in the rental car he was driving with his family and tried the high quality local gastronomy.

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On the days of his visit, he was hosted at the unique Villa Kasteli, which specialises in alternative tourism in the Mekounida location with an incredible view of the Karystos bay.

Boris Johnson is a known lover of the ancient Greek language and culture. In the past, he has used verses or excerpts from ancient Greek writings in several of his speeches.

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A typical example is his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on climate change which included a quote from Sophocles.

The phrase used by Boris Johnson comes from Antigone and in English it is translated as "Many things cause terror and wonder, yet nothing is more terrifying and wonderful than man". He wanted to point out that all people are capable of both good and evil.

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Polite and approachable throughout his presence, he received from the managers of the car company a souvenir - a translated collector's edition with the most important poems of leading Greek poets.

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