Fire at historic Larisa Argos Castle - See photos

Argos Larisa Castle fire

The Fire Department in Argos immediately responded to a fire that broke out for an unknown reason in the north-eastern part of the hill in the castle of Argos in the Peloponnese.

The fire was located burning an acre of dry grass and brush, just outside the walls. reported Argolida TV.

The firefighters who rushed to the scene acted like lightning, entered the interior of the castle and quickly extinguished the fire and prevented its spread.

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Larisa is the ancient and medieval acropolis of Argos, located on a high rocky hill, within the town's boundaries to the west.

According to Strabo, it is named for a group of Pelasgians.

The summit is occupied by the ruins of a Byzantine-Venetian castle, below it, roughly midway down the slope of the mountain, is Panagia Katakekrymeni-Portokalousa monastery, and opposite the castle entrance, the Monastery of Agia Marina (Saint Margaret), a nunnery.

The site was fortified and in continuous use for nineteen centuries.

In Mycenean times, the principal settlement and temple were on the Aspis hill, to the north of Larisa. This community that kept its main cemetery on the col of Deiras, between them, which in classical time became the location of the Deiras Gate.

The eastern slope of Larisa and the flat ground to its east was settled in the Late Bronze Age by the Dorians, and their settlement and temple became the nucleus of Classical Argos.

In 1821 the castle at the summit was captured by Demetrios Ypsilantis in the Greek War of Independence. It played little to no role in subsequent military actions.

A nunnery had been built on the slopes in the 18th century, followed by a male monastery (now a church) in the 19th century.

At one point during the War of Independence the monastery was briefly used as a national mint to strike coins for the provisional government, before this function was transferred to a facility on Aegina.

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