Greek and Indian Air Force Cooperation, BrahMos and countering Turkey-Pakistan Axis

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The visit of the head of the Indian Air Force to Greece is causing difficulties in Ankara and Islamabad. The Indian Air Force chief is likely to pay a visit to Greece, which could be a game-changer for New Delhi and Athens.

High-level sources told the Indian news agency Times Now that as the Hellenic Air Force has both Rafel's and F-16's, India is interested in cooperation.

Currently, the F-16C/D are the best fighters that Pakistan has. The country also has F-16A/B, but they are of an earlier generation.

India and Greece are expected to put on the cooperation table the counter to the Turkish Bayraktar drones as it is believed that Turkey has also equipped Pakistan with these drones.

The article also states that Greece and India may cooperate on drone defence technologies to counter drone threat from Turkey and Pakistan.

According to Indian media, initially, Greece could share data on the flight characteristics and radar signature of Turkish-made drones with India as the Greek military must have gathered important information about Turkish drones regularly flying over Greek islands.

The editor also explains that considering that drones are small in size and difficult to detect on radar, such information could prove valuable to India in the event of a potential conflict with Pakistan in which Turkish-made drones could be used.

At the same time, India uses the Russian-made S-400 air defence system, which is also used by Turkey, so military exercises with India could allow the HAF to test the Rafale against the S-400.

In addition, Greece may also buy the Indian BrahMos cruise missile that could be integrated with the Rafale aircraft, EuaAsian Times speculated.

According to a previous EurAsian Times report, a smaller and lighter version of the BrahMos, the BrahMos-NG (Next Generation), is under development and will be compatible with the French-made Rafale.

Dionysis Antonellos is a contributor to Geostratigika.

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