John Stamos impresses son with Ironman and Captain Salty Bones roles

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Greek American heart-throb John Stamos is voicing two Disney projects, to his son's delight, reports TV Insider.

Stamos returned as the voice of Iron Man in Season 2 of Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends and voices the role of legendary pirate Captain Salty Bones in the new Mickey Mouse Funhouse: Pirate Adventure, which both premiered August 19 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

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Asked how much of the exciting news he had shared with his son Billy, referencing a particular video where he tries to tell his son he's Ironman, Stamos responded:

"Is that when what he said something about Robert Downey Jr.? I think his mother prompted him do that one. I was saying [while] at Disney hosting some event, any parents, the one thing you want your kids to do is think you’re cool, right? And I’ve been trying to get Billy to think I’m cool since he was two months old.

"He’s four now, we were in the car, The Beach Boys came on, I said, “hey, Billy, isn’t it cool your dad plays with The Beach Boys?” He took the longest beat. He said, “Dad, do you know the Beatles?” And then recently his nanny came in and they’ve been watching Full House. I fired her and I put him in timeout for six years. No, but he’s so funny already, which I love, but I’ll ask him, “Billy, put your clothes away,” or something. He’ll be like, “yeah, you got it, dude,” like totally taking the piss outta me." responded Stamos.

"I try to do some stuff that I thought was kind of Tony Stark-ish. It took a few minutes to find the character. But he’s a mentor to Spidey. And I think that role I can slip right into pretty easily. I had so many. Now I’m finding —I’m gonna be 59 pretty soon — it’s all like paying it forward. Because I had so many mentors in my life. So many older gentlemen, mostly, who took me under their wing and starting with Jack Klugman and then Garry Marshall and even Don Rickles. My father passed away when he was 64. So I think sometime after that, well, a little bit before, I was always looking for that father figure in my life. Same with Peter Parker, right?"