Wild Weather in Greece - Landslides in Santorini, water tornado in Mykonos (VIDEO)

wild weather in greece

Bad weather in Greece continues with storms, lightning and hail, while a gradual improvement of the weather is expected from the weekend. Attention is needed for the next 48 hours throughout the country.

Meteorologists are talking about unpredictable and intense bad weather, Proto Thema reported.

There will be a strong phenomena in ​​eastern and northern Greece on Wednesday, especially in the Pindos mountain range and further east.

Mykonos: Matogiannia flooded - Image with water pump

Kozani: Eordaia is in a state of emergency

The General Secretary of Civil Protection Vassilios Papageorgiou decided to declare a Civil Protection Emergency in the Municipality of Eordaia of Kozani in order to deal with emergencies and manage the problems that arose from the severe storm that hit on Monday night in the area.

Landslides in the port of Santorini:

There are also problems due to the intense phenomena in Santorini where there are landslides in the port and power outages.

Attica drowned:

Yesterday's heavy rain in Attica caused many problems on the roads, mainly in the southern and western suburbs, but also in Gazi.

According to the Fire Service, in the last 24 hours there were 164 calls, 48 ​​for water pumping, eight tree cuttings, and seven vehicle removals. The biggest problems occurred in the southern and western suburbs of the prefecture.

The National Observatory of Athens/meteo.gr reported that 40 millimetres of rain fell in just one hour and there were over 2,500 lightning strikes.

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