Kalymnos: Pakistani man sexually assaulted his partner's daughter - "He was going to rape me"

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Kalymnos police arrested a 40-year-old Pakistani national who allegedly sexually assaulted the daughter of his Greek partner.

More specifically, according to Dimokratiki, on August 22, a lawsuit was filed to the police of Kalymnos by a 20-year-old woman against a 40-year-old Pakistani citizen for sexual assault. The act took place at Kalymnos Boats the previous day at 16:50.

The alleged Pakistani rapist was spotted at noon on August 22 and as it turned out, he approached the 20-year-old and with indecent proposals and gestures tried to lure her into a sexual act.

Police investigation revealed that he was residing illegally in the country.

The 40-year-old has been in a relationship for years with the mother of the alleged victim, who claims she saw him looking at her strangely but ignored it.

On August 21, while they were at her home, the mother approached the daughter and accused her of being jealous and to accept their relationship as she loves the Pakistani man.

He left the house to buy coffee for a neighbour and began, she said, chasing her around a parked car.

In the afternoon, a male friend of hers passed by the house and they were talking. The Pakistani man reacted to this, forcing the male friend to leave. Then he started telling her that he does not want other men to touch her.

There were other incidents with the 40-year-old becoming aggressive and insulting, while the 20-year-old's mother, who did not know about the incident, learned what had happened from the victims sister.

The daughter left her home and went to her brother's house. As she testified to the police, she thought the Pakistani was going to rape her.

He denies the allegations and maintains that the 20-year-old only wants to separate him from her mother.

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