Milos has the most dangerous beach in the Aegean - The sign says: "Descent is at your own risk" (VIDEO)

Tsigrado beach Milos

Milos, an island that is famous for its wonderful and clean beaches, has one in particular that has become more famous than others... for its danger!

Traveling to the island of Milos, one will find Tsigrado beach, with the most dangerous descent in the Aegean, and perhaps all of Greece.

This particular beach, although accessible up to a point by car, then hides a surprise for its visitors.

To reach its sandy beach, visitors have to go down a wooden ladder, passing through a narrow opening in the rocks. At the same time, the ladder hangs with only one rope, as seen in the video.

A truly adventurous way that has prevented many from attempting the descent to Tsigrado. At the top of it stands a sign that says "the descent to the beach is at your own risk" in three different languages.

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But those who manage to get down and enjoy its crystal clear waters have their say. Of course, there are also those who choose to visit this beautiful beach of Milos by sea and thus avoid the dangerous descent.

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