Naxos: Priest took the microphone and started rapping (VIDEO)

Naxos priest rap

A priest in Naxos stirred up the audience at a concert by choosing to rap the song "Dithesio" and was applauded after taking the microphone at last week's event that took place in the evening in the small coastal settlement of Koronida.

At the event, according to Naxos Times, there were locals and vacationers. Although Father Ilias stole the show, he was not the only priest who took the stage on August 15, since another priest from Naxos played the lyre and sang.

In the same concert, which thrilled the audience, two children from Cyprus also performed.

Watch the video:

The priest went up to the stage that had been set up for the concert, took the microphone and sang artistic and rock songs, while he also "rapped" the "two-part" song by Alkistis Protopsalti.

The other priest who participated in the concert entertained everyone with the lyre and the Cretan songs he performed.

7 58 5Both priests gave their best, entertaining the audience with quality music and songs and received a standing ovation!

Also, the residents thanked the band for the beautiful evening, but especially they thank the Metropolitan of Paronaxia, Mr. Kallinikos, who gave permission to the two priests to participate in the concert.

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