Nikos Vertis: "Malicious people will always exist, everywhere"

Nikos Vertis

Nikos Vertis gave an interview to OK! magazine and referred to the dispute he recently had with a former partner and the wounds left by this particular story.

The singer was vindicated by the Supreme Court last April regarding the dispute he had with a former external partner, who claimed that he had remained unpaid for a number of years despite being his financial director.

Speaking on the matter, he said:

“Every obstacle is for the good. Some problems that arise may be brought by luck to protect us from something worse.

"What disturbed me most, apart from the fact that it was done by a man who benefited greatly from me as he belonged to my intimate circle of friends, is that I did not know that the word of mouth of a man without any documentation can be considered evidence, to such an extent to mislead Justice.

"Fortunately, the truth was restored and I was vindicated on a civil and criminal level. I want to emphasise that there is no way that anyone will ever be left unpaid by me.

"And if I were to suffer something, even if I could not meet an obligation, I would be close to that person to fight everyday to repay them. Malicious people will always exist and everywhere.

"May God bless them and enlighten them to find the right path. Then they will see how happy they will be too."

The singer was then asked if, after his adventure, he pays attention to the people around him.

"I think not. I want to live my life without suspicion and not to suspect that anyone can harm me. I don't want to be afraid to give my love to all my friends," he said.

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