On This Day: Battle of Vasilika, August 26th 1821

Battle of Vasilika

During the first year of the Greek Revolution, Greeks took up arms to seek freedom all over the Greek inhabited lands.

But it would be in the Peloponnese, mainly, where Greeks saw early, decisive victories and made early gains.

After suppressing elements of the Greek Revolution up North in Macedonia and Epirus, the Turks turned South to subdue the Greeks in the Peloponnese. They sent 8,000 men as reinforcements to join the other Turks.

Upon discovering the plans, Greek Revolutionaries, numbering 2,000 or so, organised a force to confront these Turk re-enforcements and prevent the advance.

The two forces fought against each other in Vasilika, southeast of Lamia in Sterea Ellada.
The Greeks held the Turks back and inflicted over 1,000 casualties (both dead and injured) to the Greeks, who suffered 40 losses (dead and wounded).

The Greek victory here was one of the most decisive and vital of the entire Greek Revolution, preventing the Turks from entering the Peloponnese and relieving the greatly besieged Turkish forces there.

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