Taste of Loutraki

Loutraki, the gate of Mythical Peloponnese, is in the midst of preparations as they prepare to host the "Taste Of Loutraki, The Corinthian Food Festival" - a modern, multi-themed three-day gastronomic event.

The first of what will become an annual festival is to be held between Friday 2nd September to Sunday 4 September this year and aims to promote the area's food and beverage businesses and hospitality enterprises.

Taste of Loutraki,, Poloponnese, Greece

Taste of Loutraki,, Poloponnese, Greece

Known for its fine gastronomy, the town of Loutraki is home to over a hundred such businesses including restaurants, taverns and local producers.

Over thirty local restaurants, patisseries and hotels will be participating in the Taste of Loutraki event, offering local recipes and produce at special prices.

The Loutraki Tourism Organisation also plans to hold a series of culinary workshops that promote local olive oil and wines as well as Nemean wines, Corinthian raisins, local recipes, and beers.

Located 80 kilometres from the city of Athens and 3 kilometres from Korinthos, the beautiful seaside town of Loutraki is a unique destination, ideal for tourism on a year-round basis.

Loutraki features delightful gastronomy options with an abundance of restaurants for all tastes. Fresh local products include ‘mignardises’ or ‘loukoumia’ mini sweets, chocolate, pasta, olive with many a traditional local recipe to be discovered.

Taste Of Loutraki loukoumia

Taste of Loutraki,, Poloponnese, Greece

‘Dredoures’ are amongst the most famous local sweets produced exclusively in Loutraki, originating from the village of Perachora.  An amazing superfood, , Dredoures consist of traditional Greek honey, walnuts and cinnamon in a recipe prepared meticulously in Perachora every winter.

The olive oil produced at the Gerania Mountains is of excellent quality,  providing significant health benefits to the consumer. Every Autumn, during the traditional period of olive oil pressing, many visitors come to watch and participate in the olive oil making.

Taste of Loutraki Olive Oil Tours

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The many restaurants, traditional taverns, seafood ‘ouzeri’s’, bakeries and patisseries in Loutraki and the surrounding region promise a gastronomic experience for literally every taste. From enjoying a seafood dinner by the sea under the moonlight to engaging in a protein packed meal on a traditional tavern in the Geraneia Mountains, the gastronomic options are endless.

Group gastronomic events are also part of the experience of organised gastro tourism in the Loutraki area. Cooking lessons, visits to the producers headquarters, events for gourmets and wine connoisseurs and gastronomic excursions to the nearby areas are all included on the itineraries of local organised group tours.

Loutraki is a destination full of pleasant surprises ideal for tourism on a year-round basis.

Whether visiting in either Summer or Winter time, for a weekend or for a week or more, Loutraki is a destination that is always jam packed with events, activities, festivals, sports, tournaments, exhibitions and entertainment.

Taste of Loutraki,, Poloponnese, Greece

Taste of Loutraki,, Poloponnese, Greece

Taste Of Loutraki, The Corinthian Food Festival

Friday, 2 September, 2022 - 12:00 to Sunday, 4 September, 2022 - 12:00

To learn more go to https://www.visitloutraki.com/en

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