US State Department defends Cyprus EEZ in face of Turkish threats

akar hulusi

The US State Department has defended the right of Cyprus to exploit resources in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) amid threats from Turkey.

Cyprus has the right to develop resources lying within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), the US State Department said on Thursday, on the occasion of the ENI-Total consortium's discovery of natural gas potential in Block 6 of the Cyprus EEZ.

The United States recognizes the right of the Cyprus Republic to develop the resources lying within its EEZ, while oil and natural resources and all its resources in general should be fairly shared between the Greek and Turkish communities, the spokesman reiterated.

The statement comes after Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar issued new threats against Greece and Cyprus in the wake of the discovery of the natural gas field in section 6 of the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone, stressing that “Ankara will not allow fait accompli”.

According to SKAIAkar said that “we are right and we are strong because we are right. We are ready to sit at the table to chat. But we are determined and capable not to allow our rights and interests, Turkey and our 85 million citizens, nor the rights of our Cypriot brothers, to be violated or allow any fait accompli.”

“Unfortunately, Greece doesn’t come for talks, doesn’t sit at the table, doesn’t listen, keeps lying. Every minute, every second is a lie. We are tired of proving Greece’s lies,” the Turkish Defence Minister said defiantly.

The State Department spokesman said that developing natural resources in the East Mediterranean should promote cooperation and contribute to energy security and economic prosperity of the entire area. The United States remains united with is allies and partners in their commitment to promoting European energy security, reducing the region's dependence on Russian energy, and continuing to pressure the Kremlin, he noted, adding that US policy for Cyprus' EEZ is long term and has not changed.