Wellness & Kefi: A Greek-Inspired Mind-Body Retreat on Serifos

Wellness & Kefi: A Greek-Inspired Mind-Body Retreat on Serifos

Let go, experience authentic joy and reset your mind and body while connecting to Greek culture on the beautiful Cycladic island of Serifos.

Running from September 10-15, the Wellness & Kefi Retreat includes wellness and mind-body practices, daily group meals (the Mediterranean way!), dinner and drinks in Chora (Serifos’s historic main town), a Greek dance lesson, beach adventures, Greek cultural experiences, inspiring views, and more.

Two Greek-American health and wellness enthusiasts - Kristina Headrick, founder of Yia Mas, and Katrina Paraskevopoulos, founder of Eyia Retreats - are co-hosting this unique experience.

“We created Wellness & Kefi based on our favourite parts of a Greek island summer and integrating our favourite wellness practices. We wanted our retreat to be a unique wellness experience and different from a typical yoga retreat,” Katrina tells Greek City Times.

Kefi, a Greek word that has no exact English equivalent, is a feeling of joy, passion, and spirit that you simply have to be there to feel. This joyful word is the anchor and ethos for this retreat.

Wellness & Kefi: A Greek-Inspired Mind-Body Retreat on Serifos

Living in a world that is digitally heavy, stressful, and demanding (and that’s ok - it’s life), a retreat provides the container to unplug from all of that and recharge.

Why on the island of Serifos?

“Simply put, it’s a magical island. You get the beauty of the Cyclades without some of the touristic stuff of other islands. It has a very special, shall we say ‘vibe’ that seems to attract interesting folks. Also, it’s STUNNING!” Kristina says.

Accommodations will be at Rizes, a beautiful boutique hotel on a hilltop with views of the sea and the highest point of Chora and is only a 10-minute walk from an incredible beach.

Wellness & Kefi: A Greek-Inspired Mind-Body Retreat on Serifos

How would you like to wake up to the brilliantly golden, warm rays of a Greek island sunrise?

Would you like to feel a cool breeze as you wash away the stress of today?

Plus no level of fitness is required. Both the fitness and yoga sessions will accommodate all fitness levels and flexibility.

“A retreat provides an incredible opportunity to create space away from the day-to-day and have an intentional experience to recenter and grow, and also simply enjoy yourself. Retreats are so transformational. Many retreaters have shared that their retreat experience gave them clarity, helped them let go of the past that was holding them back, gave them new ideas and big inspiration, and supported them to connect back to their body and their desires,” Katrina adds.

An experience that includes fitness, spiritual reflection, nutrition, culinary experiences, local sightseeing and adventure as well as an opportunity for lasting personal connections and insights, it’s a journey that you simply have to be there to feel.

Wellness & Kefi: A Greek-Inspired Mind-Body Retreat on Serifos

Wellness & Kefi: A Greek-Inspired Mind-Body Retreat on Serifos


Favourite mantra/ affirmation?

“A tough one! I’d say I love ‘what’s for me won’t miss me.’ I also always love my Ancient Greek philosophers, so Heraclitus’ quote ‘no man steps in the same river twice’ which speaks to change as the only constant, helps me to surrender and embrace the ride of life” - Kristina

“I have many mantras/affirmations that I cycle through depending on what I need for that specific moment of life. I often repeat/read affirmations daily. Some of my favourites include ‘I am that I am’ / ‘If not now, then when? If not you, then who?’/ ‘My true essence is expansive and radiant light’” - Katrina.

*Photos from past Eyia retreat. Sourced from website.

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