Skopelos: French tourist scammed of €750 room that never existed!


A French tourist who booked a hotel room in Skopelos for a week and paid in advance found out that it had not been booked (!) and an amount of €750 ended up in the bank account of an unknown fraudster...

The woman filed a complaint with the Police and the The Prosecutor's Office ordered a preliminary investigation to identify the fraudster who, if found, will be prosecuted for fraud and money laundering.

According to Magnesia News, the foreigner took a boat vacation in Greece at the end of June and through a hotel reservation page (where there was an advertisement), she booked a room online for a week at a hotel on the island.

In fact, she contacted the hotel by phone, asked to pay by bank card, a stranger on the other end of the line told her to pay by bank transfer, which was done. In fact, the woman also got a receipt from a systemic Greek bank.

When it was time to go to Skopelos, she went to the hotel and was informed that there was no reservation in her name.

When she showed the receipt and said she called and spoke to someone in charge, the response was that the number she called (on a landline) was not the hotel's and the company had no idea about the reservation she was supposed to have made and paid for!

As a result, the French woman's vacation plans were thrown into disarray, while she filed a lawsuit against the island's Police Department for fraud.

The case file was forwarded to the Volos Prosecutor's Office and a preliminary investigation was ordered to identify the perpetrator through the landline phone and the bank account number where the money ended up.

If the fraudster is found, they will be charged with fraud and money laundering, while it is surprising that on the website of one of the largest and most widespread accommodation booking companies, someone managed to put another phone number in an alleged hotel advertisement in Skopelos and reap the money.

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