Tourists camp in a Samothrace church: "This type of tourism doesn't respect the local tradition of the inhabitants"

Samothrace church

An incident that demonstrates a lack of respect was recorded in Samothrace as tourists camped in the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Therma.

Apparently not realising the importance of the place, they spread their things on the floor using the church as a shelter.

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In a statement, the Holy Metropolis of Alexandroupolis expresses its regret. He speaks of the loss created in Samothrace by "this peculiar tourism which, in addition to the properties and the public image, no longer respects even the sacred and faithful of the local tradition of the inhabitants."

From the photos published on its official website, the Diocese of Alexandroupolis stated that this is a desecration of the church and that such occupations are "an example of a situation that prolongs and continues uncontrollably its destructive work."

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