Turkey's rhetorical war with France resumes: "Macron should face his country's colonial past"

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A new cycle of fierce confrontation has opened between France and Turkey, with Ankara describing comments made by French President Emmanuel Macron from Algeria on Friday as "unacceptable" and "unwise".

The comments were triggered by Macron describing "networks", which are manipulated by Ankara, Moscow and Beijing, spreading "anti-French propaganda" in Africa.

During his visit to the former French colony, Macron called on young Algerians and Africans "not to be seduced" by "the enormous manipulation" of networks instigated by foreign powers and present France as the "enemy".

He named Turkey, Russia and China, attributing to them a "neo-colonialist and imperialist agenda".

Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgiç called the comments "extremely unwise" in a statement.

"It is unacceptable that the French president Macron, who is having difficulty dealing with his colonial past in Africa and especially in Algeria, is trying to shake off this colonial past by blaming other countries, including ours, " he added.

"We hope that France will as soon as possible achieve the necessary maturity to face its colonial past without blaming other countries," he continued.

Macron's three-day visit to Algeria was aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries after months of strained relations.

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