Arenas' new attack on Giannis Antetokounmpo: "He has the same flaws since he started"

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Gilbert Arenas continues to question Giannis Antetokounmpo's ability as a top class basketball player.

The veteran NBA ace, after his attack on Giannis, went ahead and unleashed his point of view on social media.

He talked about the supposed weaknesses that the NBA champion has in his game and notes that for nine years he has not improved at all.


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Arenas even compares him to Michael Jordan.

In post:

Sometimes it's hard to understand messages when success is been gotten, kobe and kanye commercial" are u the same ANIMAL but a 💥DIFFERENT 💥 beast👀 the rookie greek til now has just gotten "stronger on his rim runs and wiser" has he added any new skill to his game? has his 3% gotten better (nope) has his mid range gotten better (nope) has his freethrows % gotten better (nope) has his back to the basketball play gotten better (nope)💯 he's gotten stronger, his ability to take bumps and finish has gotten better which helps his over all shooting % 💯 the same flaws he walked into the game with he still has now which is why i said he needs to learn the game more to understand how to improve his over all game, As of now he's the same animal and the SAME beast, just stronger and meaner....let's switch greek to jordan....if jordan was greek would jordan still have these same flaws? jordan couldn't be stopped on his rim running BUT the development of his fadeaway became his signature 👌🏾✅💯so if the the answer is NOPE then my point is prove!💥Players don’t get better b/c their success tells them they don’t need to improve💥we've all said this (if greek got a consistent jumper and 3 he would be unstoppable 💯 we're saying the same thing 9 years later but my take is wrong 🤔😏,!!HOW MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL CAN U GET! #mambavoice 🗣MORE SUCCESSFUL....✅Listen to a hater becuz a hater knows ur flaws, which means u have the blueprint to getting better 💯 a d-ckrider will never help u improve becuz all they will tell u is (ur great the way u are)

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