Man defiantly eats souvlaki at vegan rally

souvlaki new york vegan rally

A man wanted to provoke vegans and succeeded after eating skewered meat, or what Greeks call souvlaki, at a rally in New York City.

His action enraged many who rushed to verbally attack him, screaming in his face, with the young man showing that he was enjoying both the food and the activists' reactions.

The video, posted by the @ViralNewsNYC Twitter account, shows the man challenging vegans by silently biting into meat at the Manhattan protest on Saturday.

"You're disgusting," one of the protesters tells him as he silent eats.

The video has garnered more than a million views on Twitter.

As she continues yelling at him, the meat-eating counter-protester just nods his head and defiantly licks the skewer.

During the demonstration, activists threw red paint outside Dior and Louis Vuitton stores and protested outside Nike over its use of kangaroo leather.

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