Mykonos: Restaurant employees caught red-handed dealing cocaine to customers


Mykonos police are investigating a case of cocaine dealing in a well-known chain restaurant on the island. Local media reported that employees of the restaurant were selling cocaine and other narcotics to customers.

Foreign workers of the catering chain were arrested while driving to the restaurant to supply customers with narcotics..

It is worth mentioning that the chain restaurant was caught last winter trafficking drugs in the Mexican city of Tulum. The large chain restaurant also has branches in London and Ibiza

In Mykonos, the police raid took place in the morning and targeted three specific persons working in public relations, reported Proto Thema.

In the drug dealers possession were:

• Cocaine with a total weight of 4.2 grams.
• 1.1 grams of ketamine.
• Four mobile phones.
• 1,835 euros,

Those arrested were brought to the Syros District Court.

According to the restaurants co-owner, the drug dealing took place in the toilets of the establishment and was done without his knowledge.

According to his lawyer and well-known criminologist, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, "the restaurant is operated by a company 50% owned by a Greek businessman and the other 50% by a Neapolitan."

"The store is managed exclusively by the Italian and his partners. As soon as the Greek businessman was informed by some security guards that there was narcotic trafficking in the toilets, he notified the police and the security guards pointed them out to the police and they were arrested."

The Italian businessman denies the accusations of drug trafficking by his employees.

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