Chancellor Olaf Scholz facing political pressure as sanctions against Russia bite Germany

Olaf Scholz

MPs and European MPs of the ruling SPD Party of Germany are pressing Chancellor Olaf Scholz to step off the US bandwagon and change their country's stance on Russia re the Ukrainian conflict.

Recognising their dependency on Russian energy for their industry and people, they urge that a Modus Vivendi be found with Moscow and propose that Germany discontinues sending weapons to the Ukrainian regime.

Even if an alternative to Russian gas is found, it will be too expensive, rendering German industry incompatible, both in the short and long term.

More expensive German products, coupled with the shrinking buying power of European consumers, is a disaster waiting to happen... is already happening.

Pretty soon, more level headed politicians in Europe and beyond, seeing the folly of their own governments' ways, will follow suit.

Meanwhile, according to the British Ministry of Defence, "the Russian offensive in Donbas is a tactic to draw more Ukrainian troops away from the (much advertised) Ukrainian Counter-Offensive."

What are these :Generals" smoking? Russian troops are advancing, capturing one key position after the other, they have the Ukrainian forces on the run and the Brits are calling it a "ruse".

Well, ruse or not, the Russians are achieving their objectives, while the decimated Ukrainian forces and mercenaries are resorting to cowardly assassinations of Russian girls.

Finally, Brexit, Trump, Erdogan, the disastrous for Macron French elections, NGOs even the breakdown of the train in the Channel Tunnel (not Ashley Biden's diaries.... yet) are the work of the Kremlin, according to the paranoid US and Britain.

With such a powerful adversary who can influence political developments, even acts of God in their countries, what chance do western "democracies" have? They may as well throw in the towel now and bow to the "All-powerful Putin".

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