Schools to open with as few COVID-19 measures as possible

school children mask COVID-19 coronavirus Kerameus KINAL

The aim was for schools to reopen with the minimum possible restrictions to protect against Covid-19, Education Minister Niki Kerameus said in an interview with OPEN TV on Sunday morning, while noting that the final decisions have not been made and the government is still talking to the experts.

"We are working constantly with the health ministry...with the expert groups, the doctors, the National Organisation for Public Health...but you can see that generally we are in a phase of coexistence with the pandemic," she said.

Kerameus noted that there would be a move away from protocols involving use of masks and systematic testing, as this no longer brought results given that a very large proportion of the population was either vaccinated or had already contracted the virus.

"We will finalise the protocols in the next few days, in collaboration with the experts," she added, though clarifying that anyone who fell ill would continue to have to isolate and stay home.

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