New Democracy leads SYRIZA in the polls; Elections in the next 9 months

Tsipras Mitsotakis New Democracy SYRIZA

Ruling New Democracy (ND) maintains a lead of 8.2 points over main opposition SYRIZA, according to a poll conducted by Interview on behalf of Politic.

Specifically, ND garnered 32.1% (from 32.5%) and SYRIZA 23.9% (from 24.2%). PASOK follows with 11.5% (from 12.3%), marking a drop, compared to the corresponding measurement a month ago.

Hellenic Solution received 5.4%, followed by KKE (Communist Party of Greece) at 5.1%, and MeRA25 3.5%. 9.3% of respondents appeared undecided.

On the phone-tapping issue, 65.1% of respondents consider the issue of surveillance very/quite important, while those who judge it as ‘unimportant’ are limited to 34.9%.

High costs at 31.3% emerged as the most concerning problem facing the country at the moment, followed by the economy (19.4%), while Turkish provocation is also high (9.9%).

On the question of when the next national elections should be held, the majority of respondents (58.1%) continued to support elections at the end of the current government’s term, while a much smaller percentage (38%) believe they should be held immediately.

On the prospect of a coalition government, those questioned seem to have a clear preference.

In particular, 35.3% want a coalition government of ND-PASOK, in contrast to 40.5% of the previous month’s poll. An SYRIZA-PASOK coalition government is desired by 20.6% (from 18.6%), while what the citizens certainly do not “see” is an ND joint government with SYRIZA (2.4%).

The political instability of the last few days caused cracks both in the prime minister’s profile and in that of the official opposition.

In particular, in the question of “prime ministerial suitability”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis remains first with a percentage of 45%, falling one point, and Alexis Tsipras registers a percentage of around 25%, falling three points.

Meanwhile, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Tuesday that elections will be held in the next nine months.

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