Onassis' legendary yacht Christina O is in Rhodes

Aristotle Onassis "Christina O"

The legendary Christina O yacht that belonged to Aristotle Onassis was seen in Rhodes on Monday, Rodiaki reported.

For the last few days, the yacht has been anchored in ports and marinas in Turkey. From there, the yacht makes short cruises to Greek islands as well.

The yacht that sailed at noon on Monday from the Yalıkavak marina dropped anchor last night off Rhodes in the Akadia region. A few days ago, the 99 metre yacht was also seen in Symi in the sea area of ​​Nanou.

It was built in 1943 as a frigate and named Stormont (GRT 1602). At the time, it belonged to the Canadian Navy and during WWII Onassis bought the frigate for US$34,000.

He then spent $4 million to convert it into a luxury ultra-modern yacht. He named the yacht after his daughter Christina.

In 1978, Christina Onassis donated the yacht to the Greek government to be used by the current president of the Greek republic. The government renamed the yacht "Argo", while its maintenance was taken over by the Navy.

In 1998, shipping businessman and friend of the Onassis family, John Papanikolaou, bought the boat and refitted it, restoring its old name.

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