Corfu: 93-year-old strangled woman fought her attacker to the end - What the autopsy showed

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The coroner responsible for examining the body of the 93-year-old woman, who was found strangled in her home in Corfu at noon on Sunday, found signs of a struggle but also "frivolous" cover-up actions.

Speaking to Proto Thema, the medical examiner, Ioannis Aivatidis, found evidence of strangulation of the victim and cover-up efforts by the murderer who took the life of the 93-year-old woman.

"I went to the scene, examined her body there and described the scene of death as suspicious for homicide," explained Aivatidis. "There was typical evidence of strangulation. I also discerned some elements of an attempt to cover up the act."

He described how the unfortunate elderly woman tried to defend herself before she died.

"There was compression on the neck, probably with the hands. The perpetrator probably used gloves or another object as the body has no wounds on the neck," added the Coroner of Corfu.

The position where the 93-year-old woman was found dead was also noted. It is believed she was sitting at the table of her house when the killer grabbed her by the neck.

“Her body was in a semi-sitting position on the floor. There was some attempt to defend herself. Of course she was small, but she tried to fight to save herself," said Aivatidis.

At the same time, the police officers handling the case are examining the family environment of the 93-year-old woman, as the victim lived with her son, who is said to be suffering from psychological problems.

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