Donkey abused by Deputy Mayor of Zitsa was tragically euthanised

Donkey Zitsa

The donkey that was abused in Zitsa in Epirus was tragically euthanised, causing an outcry all across Greece.

This development became known after the unfortunate animal was examined by a specialist equine veterinarian who arrived at the livestock centre in Kozani.

According to Epirus Post, a qualified scientist came after the intervention of the Panhellenic Philanthropic Federation.

He examined the animal closely and found that the injuries were very serious. In addition, he had hypothermia and great difficulty breathing.

If there was a clinic in the area, an attempt would be made to save him. However, moving to another area was impossible due to the animal's condition.

So in order for the animal not to suffer, it was decided to euthanise him immediately.

"The animal is suffering from the wounds it has," the veterinarians who examined the animal said, contrary to the initial picture given by the autopsy of the veterinary service.

The announcement of the Ministry of Rural Development:

"The seriously injured donkey in Zitsa, Ioannina, was euthanised, following a relevant decision by a specialised veterinary team that examined the animal. According to the opinion of the two equine doctors, euthanasia was decided in the end due to the multiple wounds in different parts of his body.

The unfortunate animal was showing symptoms of hypothermia and it was impossible to transport it to a private veterinary clinic for its treatment. Euthanasia was chosen for welfare reasons as a solution to alleviate suffering given the irreversible course of his health."

Watch video: The wounds are extensive and deep

A 63-year-old man, the deputy mayor of Zitsa municipality in Epirus, was arrested on Sunday over unprecedented abuse of the donkey.

The man dragged the poor animal, tied with a rope to the back of his pick-up truck, for almost one kilometre as the heavily injured young animal was bleeding, leaving behind a long trace of blood behind.

The man, who is also a breeder, was stopped by shocked and angry locals, while one of them filmed the abuse and sent the video to police.

To the angry locals who confronted him, he claimed that he was not aware he was dragging the donkey.

Locals told ERT TV that the man phoned his son, and with his help they pushed the animal that had fainted on the roadside, where it remained for several hours.

The deputy mayor has been released by police but will face charges.

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