Helena Paparizou says goodbye to the summer with a total white ensemble

Helena Paparizou summer

White may be the preeminent colour of summer, but there are several tips that we can follow if we want to continue wearing it in autumn, just as Helena Paparizou is showing us, who was captured on a rare night out with her husband, Andreas Kapsalis.

She combined a lingerie top with white high-waisted joggers-style pants and a white kimono. A printed top handle bag completed the total white look, while her makeup was in peach and bronze shades.

Helena Paparizou

The couple, who have been together since 2012 and got married in 2015, were at Herodian to attend the special concert given by Marinella on the occasion of her successful 65-year career in the field of Greek music.

Helena Paparizou

The singer spoke to Marie Claire September and expressed her views on diversity, mental health and the balances that make up for a sparkling brand name for 20 years.

When asked about marriage and the work it entails, she replied: “The big difference in marriage/partnership, compared to any other, is that different component of it that exposes you more. And that's just the sexual part."

"Within it more things are exposed, you find another part of yourself there. Maybe that's why we throw all our fears and insecurities onto the other. Because we feel a stronger bond."

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