The most BEAUTIFUL images of Greece: Journey through the award-winning photos of a pan-Hellenic competition

greece horses

Fom the volcanic crater of Nisyros and the Thessalian Plain to Central Zagori, the rock island of Aspro and Valia Kalda, a video with the 40 prize-winning photos of the pan-Hellenic competition "Natura 2000- Click on nature" is now available.

Organised by WWF Greece and the Photographer Magazine as part of the LIFE-IP 4 NATURA project, these images are truly stunning.

At the same time, the lens focuses on animals that we never have the opportunity to see up close, such as a silver pelican in the lake of Kerkini, a rare bird in the Ambracian Gulf, a lionfish in the Aegean, a white-tailed eagle in the forest of Dadia, as well as its horses in Pindus mountains.

The common denominator of all the images is that they come from the Natura 2000 areas, demonstrating the diversity of the Greek landscape and the richness of its ecosystems, which never ceases to amaze us and which at the same time frightens us with its vulnerability.

It should be noted that the competition was held for the second year in a row after last year's success.

According to the organisers, there were over 1,500 entries.

Watch the video with the award-winning photos:

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