MYKONOS: Well-known local sells his property to buy drugs

Mykonos drugs

A well-known Mykonian, who retired some time ago, was arrested by the Narcotics Prosecution of the Mykonos Port Authority, as he was returning to the island loaded with drugs.

Heroin, cannabis and methadone, which he procured from Athens, was found in his possession, leading to the man's arrested yesterday morning.

Today he is being taken to the Syros Prosecutor's Office.

The retired Mykonian, according to Proto Thema, is the owner of large real estate on the cosmopolitan island, which he sold recently in order to satisfy his passion for prohibited substances.

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The arrest of the 63-year-old pensioner by the Narcotics Prosecution of the Mykonos Port Authority took place yesterday at 10am.

The 63-year-old is slowly selling off his property in order to secure cash to satisfy his addiction.

He was returning on the Cyprus-flagged World Champion Jet ship from the port of Piraeus. The officers of the Mykonos Port Authority, who had information about the well-known Mykonian, arrested him as soon as they saw him disembark. They blocked him and checked him.

The 63-year-old had bags of brown powder (probably heroin) weighing 3 grams in his underwear.

He also hid six transparent packages with a substance in the form of a rock (probably heroin) with a total weight of 30.43 grams.

A search carried out at his home found packages with about 180 grams of cannabis, methadone in liquid form, and a precision scale.


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