Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos: "There is no rape without consent"

Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos

Metropolitan Dodonis Chrysostomos made unimaginable comments on the air of the SKAI TV show when talking about abortion.

The Metropolitan said that he is against abortion, even if the woman became pregnant through rape.

In fact, he did not hesitate to say that there is no rape without consent!

"A woman isn't raped without wanting it," he said, infuriating the journalists, who tried in vain to explain to him what rape means.

Continuing his delirium, Metropolitan Dodonis stated that an arrest cannot be made when there is rape, without however explaining what he meant by this statement.

All churches in Greece on Sunday will speak out against abortion.

The Metropolitan said that the Holy Synod "listens to society", that abortion is a crime and that "it is not possible to allow the destruction of an infant, a child which when it is conceived has already begun to have life" .

Watch the entire interview of Metropolitan Dodoni:

For cases where a fetus has serious health problems, he emphasised that permission should be requested from the Church to perform an abortion and that it should indeed be scientifically proven and not "with a financial guarantee of the doctor's decision".

"If the child's brain is going to turn out to be problematic, then they should ask for the help of the church and agree to have an abortion but with (...) a scientific and not a financial guarantee of the doctor's decision," he said.

Metropolitan Chrysostomos also said that the Church is also against protection during sexual intercourse, as he noted that the only reason to have sexual intercourse is procreation.

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