Validity of the Greek passport doubles from today!

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The increased time validity of Greek passports comes into full effect from today. Following the legislative regulation of Law 4962/2022, no. 87, the validity period of Greek passports was amended from five (5) to ten (10) years from their issuance for those who are 14-years-old or older.

The validity of Greek passports now meets international standards

With this provision, Greece is now in line with international passport validity standards.

This is an arrangement that, among other things, and without changing the required fixed stamp fees for citizens, is part of the Ministry's wider planning to reduce bureaucracy, save personnel from processing cases and the reduction, in general, of unnecessary expenses and working hours.

It is noted that the Ministry of Citizen Protection is taking all the necessary procedures to ensure not only the full and timely satisfaction of Greece's International obligations, but also the acquisition of high-standard security documents that it issues in the future, fully compatible with European and International regulations.

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