Giorgos Mazonakis' mother dances zeibekiko at his concert in Katrakeio - Watch video

Giorgos Mazonakis

Giorgos Mazonakis returned to his own neighbourhood and sang at Katrakeio in Nikaia.

"I'm Giorgos of the neighbourhood, but if I want, I'm also the man of the year", were the first words of the artist, who is used to joking with his audience, when he went on stage on Thursday night at Katrakeio.

The very nice evening was also special for Giorgos Mazonakis himself as among the audience were his parents. Halfway through a song, the well-known singer stopped the musicians to call his mother on stage.

"At this point I want to tell my father to bring my mother up on stage to dance a zeimbekiko if she likes, because if she doesn't like it she can even curse me," he said calling his mother Cleo - who was celebrating yesterday - on stage.

She responded to the call and after a while Giorgos Mazonakis knelt on stage to sing to her while she danced in what was admittedly a very special moment.

Of course, there was loud applause from the audience.

Watch the video:

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