Gilbert Arenas is "being a little d**k" for words on Gianni Antetokounmpo: Richard Jefferson


Retired NBA star Richard Jefferson has comes out swinging against Gilbert Arenas for saying Giannis Antetokounmpo “doesn’t know basketball yet” a comment that went viral and has caused an uproar in basketball circles reported Talk Basket.

Jefferson said “Gilbert’s being a little d**k and he might break down his three-point shot. … It’s like bro, okay we get it, but let’s talk about wins, let’s talk about impact on games, let’s talk about intensity, defense, offense. He is the best two-way player on the planet and it ain’t even close, it ain’t even close.”

'Arenas became notoriously viral upon his claim that Antetokounmpo “doesn’t know basketball yet.” Though he already clarified his particular take, backlash still continues to circle around his name, more notably from the Milwaukee Bucks supporters.

'Amid his brotherhood relationship with him, Jefferson has been critical about Arenas, most notably when the time that the former All-star guard questioned his case of being a second-rounder in the 2001 NBA Draft.'